10 Steps on How to Eat With Manner (Mastering Table Manners) for Guess

So, you always eat without manner. It is deep, and you cannot continue living this way. It is the time for you to learn how to eat with manner. Someday, Donald Trump may invite you for dinners, and you should show the manner. Alright! Here are some etiquette and table manners lesson that you need to practice now. Starting from the beginning to the point you leave the dining room; you get the information is here.

Table Manner #1: Napkin Etiquette

If you are at an informal meal, you need to place the napkin in your lap upon on your seating as soon as you can. During the event, you need to wait for the hostess to remove the napkin and unfold it, then you can follow them.
·        First, you have to put the napkin in your lap upon seating
·        Second, in case you need to go to toilet, you have to leave the napkin on your chair
·        Third, in the end, you can fold the napkin and put it to the left

Table Manner #2: Handling Utensils

·        First, you should hold your fork using your left hand and tines downward
·        Second, it will be necessary for you to hold the knife in your right hand, it is about 1-2 inch above the plate
·        Third, you need to extend your index finger along the blade top
·        Fourth, you should use the fork spear and lift the food to your mouth

Table Manner #3: The Table Setting

As you are not the hostess, you do not have to think such this complicated rules. Just enjoy the table served, and you can enjoy your food.

Table Manner #4: Resting Utensils

When you take a break eating because you want to speak, you need to rest the utensils. Here are the rules:
·        Continental Style: put the knife and fork in the middle of the plate and angled it in the shape of V while the knife and fork pointing each other
·        American Style: put the knife diagonally on the top of the plate while the fork tines up
·        Once you finish eating, you can put that one and the fork parallel in the form of 4 o’clock.

Table Manner #5: Passing Food Etiquette

If the person is near you, you can pass it directly. And if you cannot reach them, you should pass to the right. For Bread Passing Etiquette, you need to follow this rule:
·        If the loaf is full or not cut, you need to cut some pieces and offer them to those on your left; then, you can pass the bread basket to those on your right
·        You should touch the loaf using the clothe available in the bread basket instead of using your hygienic finger
·        Place the bread on the plate along with the butter on the bread and you can enjoy the small cut by cut
·        In case you want to pass the salt, you have to also meet the pepper at once

Table Manner #6: Soup Etiquette

If you enjoy the soup, you need to hold the soup spoon while your thumb on the top. Spoon the soup that is sideways and enjoy the soup.

Table Manner #7: Seating Etiquette

It is fortunate as you are not the hostess, you do not need to think this complicatedly. Just enjoy the dinner!

Table Manner #8: Food Service Etiquette

Aren’t you happy as you do not have to set the food for the guests? It is one of the best things about being the guest, instead of the hostess. Smile!

Table Manner #9: Meals End

Alright! After you enjoy the meal, you can end it formally. You do not need to clean the plate as the professional staff will do it for you. If you are in informal meals, the hostess then will do it for you. If you are the family, you should clear your own plates. And if you are the guest, you can put your smile on your face as you do not have to do so. And about Clearing the Plates, these are the rules:
•                    At formal meals, the staff will remove the plates
•                    At informal meals, the hostess will remove the plates with the help of two guests or family members
•                    In case you are at a family meal, you need to clean your plates

Table Manner #10: Leaving the Dining Room

It is such good news as the meals meet the end. Now, you can go home. But, you need to follow the rules in leaving the dining room. For information, the hostess catches will make eye contact and lays their napkin on the table. Then, you can follow the hostess by doing the same. In case the hostess offers you to go to another room for a coffee, you should follow them.

When the process of having dinner is over, you can thank the hostess for inviting you. Go home happily as you do not have to deal with other rules. Enjoy the day!
By Admin Last updated: 18 January 2018, 04:00