McdVoice – About Term and Condition in McdVoice Survey 2018

McdVoice is the official survey platform from McDonald’s Company. This survey platform is used to monitor the Restaurant’s Progress through the customers’ Feedback and recommendation. The first thing to do to get the chance in McdVoice Survey is about to visit the restaurant and get McDonald’s Receipt. As you know, by joining the survey, you will get a chance to win $25 McDonald’s Coupon. Do you need help? You can go to CarbonCollaborative and get detail guidelines for McDonald’s Customer Survey.


About McdVoice

As explained above, McdVoice is the online survey from McDonald’s Company. Since its first operation, McdVoice has helped McDonald’s Company to create the new program and revise the lack ones. Further, McdVoice Survey creates the direct link to create the best relationship between the customers and McDonald’s Team. Within five to ten minutes, this survey provides several series of questionnaires and writes down the proper recommendation and complaints.

About the Term and Condition in McdVoice

McdVoice provided some term and condition for the survey participants. Each term and condition will decide them whether they are qualified or not to take part in the survey. Once you decided to join McdVoice, it means that you agree with the term and condition involved. Here, the term and condition are:

  • The Survey Takers Status

The first thing to conduct the survey is the survey takers. However, they are the main subject that giving the feedback to McDonald’s. To be the qualified survey takers, they should be 18 years old or more. Even, they are the resident of the United States and not a team of McDonald’s Company.

The survey takers must have the sake of McDonald’s Survey Invitation Code. They should join the survey within 3 days of the last visit. If they missed the date, they should visit the restaurant and get the other receipt. Even though they have the survey code, they can start the survey by its current purchasing receipt. Both of the ways of starting will bring them to the whole of survey page.

  • The Survey Takers Account

Then, each McDonald's Survey Invitation Code will be available for one email account or one survey takers. In this case, the survey takers have five chances to take part in So that you know, they cannot duplicate the invitation code and sell it to the others.

  • The Compactable Devices

For the next important thing in McdVoice is about the devices. To run the survey, the participants should have a set of computers. Even, McdVoice is also compactable for a tablet, laptop or even the Smartphone. Then, the devices should have at least one of the current internet browser. It must be good and secured enough. Not only the internet browser, but the devices should also have the strong and stable internet connection. For your information, each instruction in the survey is limited with its special time-period. So that's why the internet connection should be strong and stable to make them fast to respond.

  • The Language Setting

McdVoice is available in English and Spanish version. To complete all sections of the survey, the survey takers must be familiar with those languages. Once they reached the site, they will see the instruction appeared in English, and it is changeable. They can change the language instruction by clicking on the blue link entitled “Espanola.”

About the Step by Step in McdVoice

Well, you have known about every single term and conditions in McdVoice. It is the best time to understand the step by step involved. If it is your first time to run an online customer survey, this article will guide you through its simple steps. And, here they are:

  • The first step:

In the beginning, you should visit the survey website at You need to be sure that you write the correct website address.

  • The second step:

Then, you can change the language setting even if you are not confident with Eglish. Once you accepted to use English, you can continue to start the survey by sending the survey invitation code or the information about the current visit.

  • The third step:

After that, they can answer the series of questionnaires. At first, they should assess some like-scale statements. The score can be started with one to five. Even if they are not satisfied, they can share the complaints and recommendation in the next section. At that time, McdVoice will give some questions related to the issues that the survey takers ever got.

  • The fourth step:

At last, the validation code will appear on the screen. At that occasion, they should write it down to the receipt. Further, they can redeem it for the next visit. It can be redeemed with $25 McDonald's Coupon Code.

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