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DGCustomerFirst – Best Ways to Get $1,000 Cash from Dollar General Survey

Hello fellas! Are you trying to find the easiest way to be rich? Then, why don’t you try to participate in DGCustomerFirst survey sweepstakes that will reward you $1,000 cash? Yes, this event is in 2018, and today, you can start to access to enter the survey program. So that you know, Dollar General Company wants to listen to customer’s opinion about Dollar General Stores they visit. You can take part and get the chance to win $1,000 cash now! If you find some troubles, you can visit dgcustomerfirst to get more information.

About DGCustomerFirst

For information, DGCustomerFirst is an online shopping experience survey from Dollar General Company. You can start to enter the survey by accessing Once you finish the survey, you can then get a chance to gain DGCustomerFirst Validation Code. The code is available at Dollar General Sweepstake page. And, you will need a recent Dollar General receipt if you want to participate in the survey program.

So that you know, the role of DGCustomerFirst Survey is to measure the level of satisfaction from Dollar General Customers. Just like the name, Dollar General Company wants to put its customers first. The company wants to increase the quality of the products as well as the service at Dollar General Stores. And if you are willing to take part, you will get a chance to get DGCustomerFirst prizes. It is $1,000 that will make your richer!

What are the dollar General Survey Sweepstakes Requirements?

·        Electronic devices such as laptop or mobile phone
·        Internet connection that is fast and of course stable
·        Recent Dollar General receipt that has DGCustomerFirst Survey Invitation Code or Dollar General Survey Code
·        And the last, you need to be able to understand either English or Spanish as they are the available ones at

Tips to Enter and Complete DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstakes

If you are ready, you can start to participate in DGCustomerFirst at Here are the DGCustomerFirst survey guides for you:

•                    Step #1:
First, you have to visit And, if you have no idea on how to do so, you can start to access an internet browser on your device. You may click on the search bar and type

•                    Step #2:
Now, it is your time to enter Dollar General Store ID Number that you can get on your Dollar General receipt. You should input the ID number correctly.

•                    Step #3:
After that, it is a must for you to pass DGCustomerFirst login portal by entering your DGCustomerFirst 15 digits survey code. Again, you can find the survey code on your receipt.

•                    Step #4:
It is the time to set the language that you want to apply at You can change it to English or Spanish based on your capability in understanding.

•                    Step #5:
Once you have done with the language, you can try to give DGCustomerFirst’ questions some best answers. The questions topic is about the store you visited last time. And, you do not have to study first when you are about to answer the questions.

•                    Step #6:
Finally! You can get DGCustomerFirst Validation Code or how you call it as DG coupons. You need to save the code on the back side of your Dollar General receipt. You can do it after you input your personal information on DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes.

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes Rules

After that, you need to know the rules applied by Dollar General for all DGCustomerFirst participants. Here they are:

•                    First, you must be 18 years old as it is the minimum age
•                    Second, you must be a legal citizen of America
•                    Third, you should own Dollar General receipt that you get in 2018 for the sake of validity
•                    Fourth, one receipt is only for one survey and therefore, you have to collect more receipts if you want to take more Dollar General Surveys
•                    And the last, you cannot take DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes unless you complete the survey

So, best luck in winning $1,000 cash from DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstakes, fellas!
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