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How to Get Free Sandwich and Fries from Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant?

Getting free foods must be pleasing, moreover if you get it every day. In 2018, you may think that famous restaurants will not offer free foods even for their loyal customers. In fact, Checkers and Rally’s holds a survey program called GuestObessed Survey. All Checkers and Rally’s customers can participate in this program. And as the reward, you will get Checkers and Rally’s free sandwich. For the fries, all you need to do is to Checkers and Rally’s sign up. By being an online Checkers and Rally’s member, you can claim your free fries. Doesn’t it sound pleasing?

About Guest Obessed

GuestObessed is an online guest satisfaction survey coming from Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. It has a goal to analyze the happy and unhappy customers. And of course, the restaurant team will take action once most customers complain about the service or products. And it is for the sake of customers that the restaurant improves the quality. Through the survey, all customers are able to share their opinion regarding the Checkers and Rally’s store they visit.GuestObessed

If you get it interesting, you can access the survey at You only need three to seven minutes to complete the survey. The survey is all about the customers’ experience during Checkers and Rally’s visit. At the survey, there are some GuestObessed questions you need to give the answers. You do not have to study because it all based on your experience. You can ask your friends too so that you can enjoy the free sandwich together.

Step to Entering Checkers and Rally’s Survey Guides

Taking the survey can be easy for you if you know how to do so. But, somehow, it is hard if you do not know where to go and what to prepare. For information, you will need an electronic device like laptop or phone, as well as the internet connection and Checkers and Rally’s receipt. And if you get everything with you, you can follow these steps:

Step 1

At first, you will have to access the official website of Checkers and Rally’s survey. The survey page is accessible at You can also find the official website by searching Guest Obessed Survey at a search engine. Then, you can choose the website with the link

Step 2

After that, you can continue to enter Checkers and Rally’s 4 digits store number. you can find the detail printed on the Checkers and Rally’s receipt. also, you will have to fill the date and time of the visit you make for Checkers and Rally’s store.

Step 3

You have passed Guest Obessed login portal and now you can start answering the Guest Obessed questions asked on the survey page. The questions are easy because you do not have to study first to get a high score. Simply, the answers you give will create a reflection whether you are satisfied or not with the restaurant service and products.

Step 4

After that, you can write something on a GuestObessed open question. It is about the overall feeling you get during the visit to Checkers and Rally’s store. In writing your opinion, you should be honest as the restaurant team does need your help. It is for the sake of better Checkers and Rally’s menu and services. But, you have to make it as specific as you can because the box limits your opinion into 1,200 characters.

Step 5

After that, you will gain Guest Obessed Validation Code that you can save by writing down on the back of Checkers and Rally’s receipt.

Step 6

To redeem Checkers and Rally’s coupon code, you have to go to the nearest Checkers and Rally’s store locations. Show the receipt as well as the GuestObessed coupon code to Checkers and Rally’s staff member. They will give us the free sandwich.

How to Get Free Fries at Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant?

Now, you can also gain another Checkers and Rally’s coupon by signing up at or Click the menu where you can do the sign up or register to be Checkers and Rally’s member. Then, you can follow the instructions such as inputting your personal data. It can be your complete name, phone number, as well as home address or email address.

Once you do so, you can give brief Checkers and Rally’s Feedback about the store you visit. after that, you will have to input the zip code, city, and other details required. Now, you can get the Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code for free fries.

So, it is the very simple way on how to get free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich and fries. You now can ask your best partners in life to join with you. No doubt, it will be awesome if you can enjoy the free foods with the ones you love. So, enjoy the survey and enjoy the best meal!
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Tellsubway – Get Free Cookies from Subway by Filling Out a Survey!

What comes to your mind when you hear sandwich? Yup, it must be Subway restaurant. Now, one of the best sandwich restaurants, Subway, has an online survey called Tellsubway for their customers. This could a better way rather than asking the customers directly when they are eating their food. Because the customers can choose whether they want to take the survey or not.

What is Tellsubway?

Tellsubway is a Subway survey that can be accessed through online. The survey contains a question which demands the participants to give their opinions or answers. The questions will be anything about Subway restaurants such as the taste of its products, the kindness of the staffs, the hygiene of the restaurant and many more. By that, Subway will know their weaknesses and their strength. Subway wants to know their customers’ opinion and use it for their improvement in the future. Don’t worry; it will not take you more than 10 minutes. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a free code. You can use that code to redeem free cookies in your next purchase. Sounds nice right?

Things You Need for Tell Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey

Since you can only access survey through online, it means you have to prepare few things. Here are the things you need to access the survey:

•          A Computer or Smartphone
The first thing you need is a device that can connect to the internet and also able to access the website. You can use laptop and notebook as well.
•          Internet Connection
The second thing you need is an internet connection. If you don’t have any data, you better go somewhere that has free hotspot such as café, restaurant, or school. Subway restaurant near your place probably provides you with a free hotspot as well.
•          A Subway Receipt
You need the receipt because there is a survey code printed on your receipt. Besides, this survey is designed only for customers. That is why you need a receipt that can be used as a proof that you have been there.

Correct Way to Complete theTellsubway Survey

After you prepared all the things above, it is time for you to start filling the survey. Take your device, and follow these steps:

•          Step 1
Open your browser and type or Both Tellsubway websites are the same. You can also click one of the links mentioned above.
•          Step 2
After that, you will be asked to input your Tellsubway survey code. Grab your receipt and find it there. Your survey code will be valid for 30 days since your last visit. After 30 days, it will expire and you would not be able to use it. So, don’t forget to fill the survey after you purchased anything from Subway.
•          Step 3
Then, you just need to answer the questions honestly. Don’t worry, it is not an exam. There is no correct answer or wrong answer. Subway only wants to know your opinion about their restaurants.
•          Step 4
After that, you must fill your contact details such as your name and email address.
•          Step 5
Well done! You have completed the survey. You will see a Tellsubway unique code appear on your screen. You can use that code to redeem free cookies on your next visit. It is better for you to take a picture or write the Subway unique code. Because you may forget it before you redeem your cookies.

About Subway Restaurant

The main menu of Subway is their sandwich. They sell various sandwiches with a secret recipe that makes it so tasty. They also sell other menus such as salad, drinks, and chips. Subway is also one of the biggest fast-food businesses with more than 40.000 restaurants all over the world. Do you want to know the nearest Subway restaurant from your current location? You can just click to find one. It is also fine to find it at Google with the keyword Subway Near Me.

What makes Subway interesting is, you can see the nutrition of their products on their website. Just take one example, you can see the nutrition of black forest ham, Oven roasted chicken, roast beef, and much more by simply clicking So interesting right?

Subway Customer Service Contact

It is good to have a customer service that is always ready to hear your complaints right? Subway provides you social media live chat, phone number, and headquarters address just in case you need something. So, here they are:

·        Subway Facebook:
·        Subway Phone Number: 800.888.4848 or 203.877.4281
·        Subway Headquarter: 325 Sub Way Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA
·        Subway Official Websites: and

Okay, I hope this information could be useful for you. Don’t be shy when you want to redeem your free Subway cookies. Because Subway really appreciates your willingness to join the Tellsubway at survey. Have a good day, everyone!
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Restaurants Near Me and How to Eat For Free, Everyday

Burgers, Pizzas, Sandwiches, French Fries, and other fast foods can be the most popular ones today. Every person on this planet must have ever visit fast food restarts. They can be Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Sonic, Murphy, and so on. Now, do we ever eat for free at those restaurants? If the answer is now, then we have to visit MabelAndZora website soon. The reason is that this website provides us ultimate information about how to take benefits from the fast food restaurants near us.

The gadgets are getting smarter than us. We do not have to drive along the way just to find the fast food restaurants. Using our smartphone, we can find the list of the restaurants whose locations are near us. We can search KFC Near Me, McDonalds Near Me, and so on. One of the most interesting parts of having culinary hobbies is we can get more receipts than other people. Well, we must question why we have to talk about the receipt. Indeed, they are the key for us to get free items at some famous restaurants.

If our target is to gain free foods, then we are visiting the right article. In this section, we are going to find out how to ear for free at Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, and so on. Here are the smart tips that we offer to our hungry visitors.

Steps and Tips from MabelAndZora to Get Free Foods

·        Step #1: Explore Google for Restaurants Near Me

At the first step, we can start to explore Google and search using the keyword Restaurants Near Me. There will be some results that we can take a note. For the easiest way, it is best to save the page or just memorize them. We may have a question about this step. Indeed, the goal we are searching for the restaurant near us is because we are about to visit them. As not all famous restaurants have promotions for free foods, we have to continue to the second step.

Usually, every year or every month, branded restaurants hold customer satisfaction surveys program for all customers. We can take part and grab the rewards as soon as we can. It is because each promotion has limitation for the date. If we do not make it fast because we do not know where the restaurants are, we will regret it. Start to open our beloved smartphone now, and find what restaurants are around us.

·        Step #2:  Visit MabelAndZora to Check the Promotions

After finding out the list of the nearest restaurants locations, we can start to go to There are some articles that we can explore based on the category. Now, we can click the category of restaurant survey. The menu will show the results of some articles with related topics. For instance, we can click the articles that have the name of the restaurants that we want. Not to mention, we can read MyBKExperience, PapaSurvey, McDVoice, PandaExpress, and others.

The articles have all information we need such as the brief explanation about the surveys, steps to take them, complete with the rewards. Indeed, to find the articles we want is easy. We can read the titles as they mention the rewards and prizes. Start to click the titles that we can reach the restaurants near to our location. In case we need to contact the restaurant customer service team, we can read the closing paragraph. MabelAndZora provides the headquarters address, phone number, and live chats. Whenever we need helps, we can try those customer service contact details.

·        Step #3: Follow MabelAndZora Guidelines and Take the Free Foods

Now, we have decided what restaurants we are going to visit and the surveys to take. Indeed, it is important to read the instructions provided by the articles. We should follow all steps and the rules for the sake of customer surveys. Mostly, the surveys that have sweepstakes will require a recent receipt. We can get the receipt once we did transactions at the restaurant. This is so because we are about to take customer satisfaction surveys. Only customers who are able to take the surveys and the sweepstakes. The proof that we are the customers is the receipt ownership.

MabelAndZora will guide us to get free foods such as burgers, sandwich, donuts, and even fresh money. As long as we read the instructions well, we will win the prizes. After completing the surveys, we will have to enter the sweepstakes. Here, we need to fill in our personal information such as name, phone, and email. At the end of the survey, we will get validation code or coupon code. Once we make a visit, we can bring the receipt and the coupon code.
The staff member will ask the receipt when we are about to redeem the code for free foods. We can show it to them and we can get the free foods. The process is that simple and we will live for regrets if we miss these precious chances.

MabelAndZora not only provides restaurants customer satisfaction surveys. In this case, we can explore pleasing information about supermarket shopping experiences surveys. Using the same rules, we can follow the articles and tutorial videos at MabelAndZora. The explanation is simple, full of messages, and interesting. We will not realize that we have been reading more than 2,000 words. It is so as the design of the articles are eye-catching. Starting from the bullets points, the subtitles or headings help the readers to understand deeper and faster. Even more, we can take a look at the pictures as the guide. And if we think they are not enough, we can watch the tutorial video.

Yes, those are the best tips that we can share with our beloved visitors. Keep being smart in being customers of the companies and take benefits from it. MabelAndZora here comes to help us to be smarter. Get a chance to win the fresh money, free foods, and discounts now. Best luck!
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